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Aparna Sharma

The knowledge and effect of planets is what jyotisha shastra is all about. Jyotish literally is Jyoti+ Ish & it stands testimony to the fact that the more the great god endears us --the more the light of knowledge is bestowed on us by the great lord. Jyotish is thus inseparable from religion and only spiritually inclined people imbibe the trueness with in it !!!!!!!

Vedicastroonline was created in 2007 by Aparna Sharma who is author of books and a consultant astrologer. The idea was to create a web space where people may find answer to the queries and problems which are beyond their jurisdiction and control. Aparna has the certification JYOTISHA PRAVEEN, JYOTISHA VISHARD and PALMISTRY by Indian council of astrological sciences (Regd.), Chennai and honoured by epithets like JYOTISHA SUSHRI, JYOTISHA RATNA, JYOTISHA RISHI by various astrological organizations.

She as a professional member of ‘AMERICAN COUNCIL OF VEDIC ASTROLOGY’, life member of INDIAN COUNCIL OF ASTROLOGICAL SCIENCES CHENNAI, as life member of INDO GLOBAL ASTROLOGER’S ASSOCIATION CHANDIGARH, ALL INDIA FEDERATION OF ASTROLOGICAL RESEARCH (organization based in the‘USA’.) is a whole time astrologer by profession. Aparna Sharma is able to pen down her tryst with the planets about various sectors of life.

Her main area of interest has always been marital matters and she has been able to give indepth and broad view regarding marriages and marital compatibility. she delved deeper and thus is able to comment and write on topics like FACETS OF MARRIAGE and MARRIAGE & COMPATIBILITY.

Aparna Sharma also writes about Ancient indian architecture (stupa, caves and temple architecture) concerning all the famous temples of ancient india.

In consideration of all facets of occult -- the socio religious values are better understood when we aim at giving a direction to modern society by bridging the Gap between age old thoughts and those of today’s viewpoint –for the wellbeing of the society and thus making the modern world conceive the age old relevent ideas instead of just perceiving about it personally and opining individually. Aparna sharma shall always feel happy to receive any sort of feedback /queries/suggestions from anyone staying in any part of the world!!!!!!


Vedicastroonline is a portal to –


--Purchase the books on astrology/occultism (receive the soft copy or hard copy of book)

-- for solution of your problems on various topics like marriage, matching of horoscopes, mars dosha, foreign travel/settlement, health problems etc., post your query and avail online consultancy services by expert panelists having expertise in various branches of the occult like - VEDIC ASTROLOGY, KRISHNAMURTHI PADDHATI , PALMISTRY, NUMEROLOGY, TANTRA / MANTRA THERAPY, RELIGION & KARMAKAAND, REIKI ,TAROT CARDS , GEMMOLOGY &HYPNOTHERAPY.

--Read articles having information on astrology, palmistry,numerology, tantra and taantric remedial measures.

--Buy softwares on MARRIAGE & MATCH MAKING based on various kinds of planetary placements in basic as well as other divisional charts , Jaimini system & on planetary transit in rashi /nakshatra.

Buy products like YANTRAS, GEMS , RUDRAKSH and other items of religious value.


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Timing of Marriage/ Marital Problems Rs. 1100/- $21USD consultation
Matching of charts Rs. 1100/- $21USD consultation
Business / Money Matters Rs. 1100/- $21USD consultation
Health Problems Rs. 1100/- $21USD consultation
Education / Foreign Travels Rs. 1100/- $21USD consultation
Any kind of remedial measures Poojan /karmakaand Rs. 1100/- $21USD consultation
Tantra/ Mantra therapy Rs. 1100/- $21USD consultation
Reiki healing /Tarot cards Rs. 1100/- $21USD consultation
Palmistry/Numerology Rs. 1100/- $21USD consultation
Hypnotherapy/Past Life Regression Rs. 1100/- $21USD consultation
Marriage compatibility


I am happy that you want to know my personal approach to relationships and compatibility....

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